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4 Important Tips for Choosing Dental Veneers

4 Important Tips for Choosing Dental Veneers

Nov 01, 2020

If you plan to get veneers in the near future, being prepared will help you get the best out of it. In this blog, we discuss tips that will help you choose the best out of dental veneers.

Do Your Research

Veneers are great, but the quality of treatment differs from one dentist to another. It will be wise to conduct a small research about the dental clinics near you to get the best treatment. Dig deeper about a few of them to ensure they offer services of the highest quality, and their dentist has enough experience with veneers.

The best way to get such information is by getting testimonies from former patients. Getting a testimony from someone you can trust is even better. If you have a friend who got veneers from a dental clinic, you are considering, talk to her to get his experience.

Alternatively, you can visit the clinic’s website and get testimonies from reviews. See what other patients have to say about the clinic’s services before you settle on it. If you can find a way to communicate with the reviewers, that’s even better.

Ask Questions

After identifying one or two clinics, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their services. Most clinics have their phone numbers on the website, so you can make a call and ask all the questions you want to be answered.

Ask to talk to the dentist so you can be psychologically prepared before you meet him on the appointment day. Also, be sure to ask how much you should expect to pay to be financially prepared. Talk to us if you require dental veneers in Bayside, NY.

Look at the Larger Picture

Veneers are durable and can last for more than ten years. However, you will need to make sure you follow your dentist’s instructions accordingly. If you don’t, your veneers may not even last a year. The instructions are not hard to follow, though. However, if you are not sure you can maintain proper oral hygiene, maybe it is better you don’t choose veneers in the first place.

Go for a Natural Look

Veneers are usually made of porcelain. Porcelain is a versatile and durable material. It is aesthetic and can be designed to match the color of your teeth. However, it is very important to ensure that the veneers match the color of your teeth exactly. If the veneer is whiter than teeth, the look will not seem natural.

That said, if you have discolored teeth and you plan to get a veneer to fix a broken tooth, you should consider whitening your teeth first. That way, the veneer will be matched with the new white color. Alternatively, you can have all teeth added veneers. Just ensure the final look is something natural.

How to Care for Dental Veneers

If you want your veneers to last for the longest time, you need to take proper care of them. Luckily, taking care of your veneers should not be hard. Here is how to go about it:

Brush and Floss as Recommended

Just like with your natural teeth, you will need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss them daily. This action will help prevent dental cavities and gum disease. Please use a soft-bristled toothbrush and the right toothpaste. A hard toothbrush may brush off the veneer polish making it look unnatural. Avoid using abrasive toothpaste at all costs. Your dentist will recommend a good toothpaste for veneers.

Avoid Chewing Hard Objects

Veneers are durable, but they are not as strong as your natural teeth. For that reason, avoid chewing hard objects such as nails, pencils, and ice.

Avoid Staining Drinks

Veneers are stain-resistant, but adhesives used to place them are not. For that reason, avoid taking staining drinks such as coffee, red wine, and soda.

Quit Smoking

Staining drinks stains veneers, but smoking is even worse. It is dangerous to your health, and the smoke discolors both your natural teeth and veneers.

Visit Your Dentist Every Six Months

Your dentist will make sure your teeth remain healthy, and when there is an issue with your veneers, the dentist will fix it. We are here for you if you require Veneers in Bayside, NY.

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