Dental care in a single visit? It’s not impossible with CEREC. When you’re in need of a restoration, such as implants or orthodontic procedures, you can enjoy single-visit treatments thanks to the CEREC tools used at the office. The system is efficient and extremely safe. You can trust your teeth and your dental health to Bayside Family Dentistry and the CEREC family of instruments.

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics Bayside, NY


What is CEREC?

For 30 years, CEREC has helped dental patients by creating high-quality ceramic restorations in just one visit to the office. In fact, on average 6.5 million patients are treated with CEREC annually, and that’s more people than the Eiffel Tower sees in a year!

The workflow possibilities it offers allow patients to receive their treatments in just three or four steps. The way the system works is even more comfortable, meaning you don’t have to deal with those conventional impression trays.

What are the Advantages?

Patients everywhere want a range of treatments available to them and in the most comfortable, modern ways possible. We’re sure you’re no different. With CEREC, you’ll find a solution to your dental health needs that works for your busy schedule. You can trust this system for implants, orthodontics, ceramics, and comfortable treatment at every step.

We know that you want fewer injections and dislike the impression tray, this system can serve those desires. With digital impressions and trustworthy materials, your CEREC restoration will last and provide the durability you need.

The Three Step Process

The first step is the scan. The digital impression uses the Omnicam to create precise, natural color 3D images. Then we move on to design. We’ll generate the layout for the necessary restoration and then that fast, we’re onto step three: production.

The CEREC milling unit will create full zirconia restorations using extremely precise designs with smooth edges and surfaces. When you need full-contour restorations, they’ll also be sintered and glazed in the CEREC SpeedFire, and then you’ll be ready to go. That’s it! You’re out the door and finished in just one visit to our office.

The CEREC simply can’t be beaten. Schedule your next visit with us today.