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Custom MouthGuards in Bayside, NY

Custom MouthGuards in Bayside, NY

Dec 28, 2018

While you may do everything right when it comes to good oral hygiene, the reality is that a majority of dental emergencies actually occur whenever playing sports or participating in other activities outdoors. As serious as this can be, it can be avoided with correct protection for adults and children. Thankfully, sports often require the use of mouth guards, but mouth guards purchased in stores can leave a lot to be desired.

Why Custom Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards available in stores are a one-size fits all solution. Needless to say, not every mouth is the same. Using a one-size-fits-all mouth guard in Bayside, NY poses a host of problems, and makes them far inferior to a custom solution. Even if you don’t ever have a major impact that may result in injury, an inferior mouth guard still poses major disadvantages.

They Won’t Fall Out

The poor fit provided by retail mouth guards means they may fall out. A custom-fit mouth guard does not have that risk, and is the most efficient solution for proper prevention of gum laceration and tooth loss.

They Are More Comfortable

While it may not have an impact on your oral health, comfort is important. Since you’ll be wearing mouth guards for hours at a time some days, you truly want to be able to focus on the activity itself and not an awkward or even painful feeling in the mouth. A proper fit not only ensures it will be snug and in place, but also that it will feel smoother, and have less awkward edges. Wearing a mouth guard for hours is no problem when they’re custom-made.

They Can Fit Over Braces

Put simply, it’s very hard to find a mouth guard that will fit over braces if it isn’t custom made. Since braces already consume a lot of space in the mouth, most mouth guards won’t fit well if it all. This also leads to a much less comfortable fit. But what’s a challenge for retail mouth guards is easy with a custom mouth guard, as we take a custom imprint of your teeth and the mouth guard we give you will be shaped to fit over both your teeth and your braces.

Protect Your Teeth at our Bayside Family Dentistry Office

If your or your child is considering sports or any other outside activity that has the risk of heavy impact, especially while wearing orthodontics, we strongly urge you to reach out to Bayside Family Dentistry Office for a custom mouth guard. We pride ourselves in offering the best service for all procedures, and custom mouth guards are just one more way we can help keep your smile happy and healthy for years to come. But prevention is always the best medicine, so don’t delay. Make an appointment now at Bayside Family Dentistry Office for night guards in Bayside, NY or for custom mouth guards in 11361!

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