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Does Enamel Shaping Hurt?

Does Enamel Shaping Hurt?

Jan 30, 2019

Our teeth have the strongest protection of an outermost layer called the enamel. Enamel is made of a hard, mineralized material that gives the tooth its characteristics, like size, shape, and sometimes color. It’s important for the enamel to remain intact for many reasons, the most vital one being to prevent the formation of cavities.

What Is Enamel Shaping?

If you have misshapen, oversized, rough or uneven teeth, then an effective method to correct them is a procedure known as Enamel shaping. It’s very easy and simple procedure as it only involves removing or restructuring a small portion of the outer surface of the teeth to create a smooth, uniform appearance. According to Bayside dentist this process is very quick and comfortable and the results can be seen in minutes. Enamel shaping is also known as tooth contouring.

Tooth contouring can solve problems like:

  • Correcting the uneven front teeth
  • If you have chips and small flaws in teeth
  • Pointed canine shaped teeth
  • Overcrowding problems
  • Smoothening rough spots on teeth
  • Correcting overlapping teeth

Is Enamel Shaping Painful?

No, it’s not at all painful as it’s very simple and easy procedure done professionally. Dentist near NY 11361 takes measures to perform very conservative change and to preserve as much enamel as possible. The dentist ensures that this procedure should not cause a patient any discomfort.

What Happens During Enamel Shaping?

In enamel shaping usually patients do not require any type of local anesthetic or sedation as the enamel reshaping process is very simple. This procedure can often be combined with other dental visits, such as a semi-annual cleaning. Initially the tooth is polished to improve appearance. The shaping makes your teeth look more attractive afterwards. Sometimes teeth whitening and bonding is also accompanied with enamel shaping giving you an enhanced smile.

Dentist in Bayside says that maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is necessary to have healthy teeth and gums. If you want to enjoy the benefits of enamel shaping for a longer period then you must try to refrain from staining foods and beverages. Have a desired smile with enhanced confidence with enamel shaping.

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