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Enamel Shaping & Tissue Re-contouring

Enamel Shaping & Tissue Re-contouring

Jul 08, 2019

Enamel shaping and tissue re-contouring are additional tools that the dentist uses for addressing a variety of dental issues. The enamel shaping is an effective, simple and pain- free procedure. It affects only the outermost layer of the tooth so it can be said that enamel shaping is not invasive in nature. Let’s explore how these procedures in Bayside can help your oral health.

Understanding The Enamel Shaping Process

The enamel is the outer layer on our teeth, which protects the teeth and offers them strength. Enamel shaping is the process of strategic scraping of enamel for correcting the dental issues. It requires minimal efforts and since only outer layer is accessed, there is no need for anesthesia.

The tools that are used in enamel shaping consists of sanding disks, sand paper, or fine diamond burs. The dentist in Bayside, 11361, will remove only the required amount of enamel for making sure that you can achieve a bright and healthy-looking smile.

Who Needs Enamel Shaping Or Tissue Recontouring?

People with minor imperfections can benefit from the enamel shaping or tissue recontouring procedure near Bayside, NY. There is minimal inconvenience with these procedures. Some of the conditions where enamel shaping or tissue recontouring can help are:

  • Uneven front teeth
  • For filing down teeth that are too long
  • Correcting chips in the teeth
  • Solving minor overcrowding problems
  • Rounding off the canines if needed

There are many solutions as well, such as dental bonding, which can help in correcting these dental issues, enamel shaping and tissue recontouring takes a lesser amount of time. Also, it’s one of the least expensive procedures and cause minimum alteration to the teeth.

Trust Our Team In Bayside With Your Smile!

You can find a variety of treatments, which can fix your smile. However, it’s up to your dentist to pick the right procedure, which can help you in achieving optimum oral health. It is important to choose the right dentist who can help in making these procedures comfortable with their expertise and wide experience in performing advanced dental care via advanced procedures.

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