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Endodontics – Diagnosis, Procedure, and Aftercare

Endodontics – Diagnosis, Procedure, and Aftercare

Oct 01, 2021


Tooth root infections can cause severe pain and inflammation to surround teeth. You should get endodontics near you if you have teeth sensitivities, cracked, or missing teeth. You may ask, what is endodontic treatment, and when do you need it?

Fortunately, this article provides answers to your most pertinent questions about endodontics. Kindly read on for more information.

What is Endodontic Treatment?

The most common endodontic treatment is a root canal suitable for treating infections at the center of a tooth. When you get a root canal treatment, the endodontist removes the infection to alleviate pain. Usually, you get an anesthetic during a root canal, making the procedure painless.

Who Needs Endodontics?

An infection in the root can spread and cause huge discomfort or tooth loss if left untreated. You should get endodontics near Bayside if you have increased teeth sensitivity to hot or cold foods. A tooth abscess, severe toothache, swollen jaw, chipped teeth, and tooth trauma is other reasons why you may need endodontic treatment.

Root Canal Diagnosis

For endodontics in the 11361 area, you will discuss your symptoms with a dentist and get a diagnosis to confirm if you need endodontic treatment. Dental X-rays, teeth tapping, and hot or cold swabs are suitable for root canal diagnosis.

Dental X-rays check the structure and intricate details of the teeth, while teeth tapping is ideal for knowing the extent of the damage. On the other hand, hot or cold swabs are for checking teeth sensitivities.

Root Canal Procedure

After receiving an anesthetic, a dentist near Bayside will use a dental dam to protect your teeth and isolate the affected area. Afterward, the dentist accesses and removes the damaged pulp tissue through a small hole on the tooth’s surface. After removing the infected root, the dentist will shape, clean, and disinfect the space before using a temporary dental filling and sealant.

The removal of the infected tooth kills the nerves and eliminates any form of pain. It would be best to visit your dentist near Bayside to get a dental crown to support the teeth once the site heals. Ensure you avoid chewing or biting down on the site before you get a dental crown.

Other Endodontic Procedures

Apart from root canal treatment, other endodontic procedures include apicoectomy and cracked teeth treatment.

  • Apicoectomy: this procedure is suitable for dental problems that a root canal cannot resolve. During the procedure, a dentist makes an incision in the gums and removes the tip of the tooth root. Afterward, the dentist in the 11361 area protects the tooth with a dental sealant.
  • Cracked teeth treatment: Generally, dental fillings, crowns, and extraction are standard treatment methods. The most suitable treatment, in this case, depends on the level of crack.

Endodontics Treatment Aftercare

After getting endodontics near Bayside, you may feel slight discomfort which should clear up in few days. Nevertheless, you can use prescribed pain relievers and medications to speed up your healing process. If you feel worsening symptoms, it may be a sign of an infection, and you should immediately visit your endodontist in Bayside, NY.

It would help if you took extra care while brushing, eat only soft foods, and avoid eating on the procedure site for a faster healing process.

Preventing Tooth Infections

Although a root canal procedure is ideal for removing the infection in the root pulp, it is best to take essential measures in preventing future infections. You can do this by

  • Avoiding hard foods like candy
  • Limiting sugary drinks and foods
  • Using a soft brush in gentle circling motions to clean your teeth twice daily
  • Flossing once a day
  • Going for regular examinations.


Endodontics is suitable for treating infections in the root pulp. Kindly visit our dental clinic to get endodontics in Bayside, NY, whenever you feel increased tooth sensitivities, severe toothache, or a dental abscess.

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