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Filling Vs Inlay Vs Onlay Vs Crown: What’s The Difference And Which Is The Right One For You?

Has the dentist in NY 11361 suggested that you need to go for restorations? There are various types of restorations and it can be difficult to choose the right option. Here’s some information about the restorative options:

  • The Filling

It’s the most basic dental restoration says dentist near Bayside, NY. The decayed part of the tooth is drilled out and replaced with composite or amalgam filling material.

  • The Inlay

Inlay is used when the cavity is too large for simple filling. Inlay is created as a single solid piece to fill the cavity. It is cemented on tooth.

  • The Onlay

Onlay is more than Inlay and less than Crown. It covers the cusp of the tooth and fabricated as single.

  • The Crown

It’s more like tooth replacement than repair and used for serious dental issues. A cap is placed on treated tooth after existing decay is removed.

  • The Implant

Implant is a durable restoration which is a replacement for the lost tooth.

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The Dental Filling Vs The Inlay

They both are often used interchangeably but inlays are for bigger cavities. While they both remove existing decay, how the empty space is filled makes them different. With a filling, the composite material is used for filling the space and it is a quick process which happens in single visit.

In Inlays, the space is filled with a single piece fabricated in the lab. They are usually made of gold and ceramic. The inlay is precisely made in the shape and size of the cavity space.

Onlays Vs Dental Crowns

They are major single-tooth restoration options used for filling larger area of decay where filling inlay would not work. The Onlay covers the cusp of the tooth while inlay only fills the area between the cusps. On the other hand, crown will cover the entire biting surface of tooth and the tooth structure above gum line. The cost of both is almost similar but Onlay can be a little cheaper in price.

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