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Is a Dental Implant Beneficial To Mimic A Natural Tooth?

Is a Dental Implant Beneficial To Mimic A Natural Tooth?

Dec 01, 2019

A dental implant is presently considered as the standard care for prosthetic replacement of missing teeth. It is a surgical fixture that is placed into the jawbone and given time to fuse for about six months. The dental implant functions as a root for a missing tooth. A dental implant fused to the jawbone comes closest to mimicking a natural tooth because it stands by itself without affecting the adjacent teeth and is extremely stable. Therefore if you have missing teeth in your mouth and are considering a dental implant, you are suggested to research for the best dentist near me capable of conducting this surgical procedure.

Why Would You Need Dental Implants?

If you want to replace a single tooth, several teeth for all the teeth in your mouth, you should be turning to dental implants surgery. Researching over the Internet will provide you information about several dentists that are offering dental implants near you. You may just be looking for replacement teeth, but in dentistry, dentists also look to restore function along with aesthetics. You can choose from three options when the matter relates to the replacement of your teeth. You can either opt for a removable dental appliance in the form of partial or complete dentures, a fixed dental bridge, or a dental implant.

Dentures are the most affordable option among the three but are most undesirable because they can affect the sensory experience of the individual with food. Until dental implants were introduced, dental bridgework was commonly used as a restorative option. However, dental bridgework depended on existing natural teeth for the support, whereas implants receive the support they need from the jawbone. You will have to consider several factors when deciding on the best option suitable for you and the factors include the following:

  • The location of the missing teeth or tooth.
  • The quality and quantity of the jawbone, where the dental implant needs to be inserted.
  • Your overall health.
  • The costs as well as your preference.

A dentist will examine the area for the dental implant to make a clinical assessment whether you are a good candidate for the dental implant procedure. You must, however, refrain from trying to make comparisons between a dental bridge vs. implant because both are different and have functions allotted to them separately. A dental implant is the artificial tooth root that serves to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.

What Types of Dental Implants Are Available?

There are two types of dental implants. Endosteal implants are the type that is in the bone, and subperiosteal implants rest on the top of the jawbone just under the gum tissue. After considering the poor long-term results offered by subperiosteal implants, they are no longer being used, and therefore your choices will depend on endosteal implants.

Teeth replacement is the primary function of dental implants, but there are areas where the implants can assist in other dental procedures. Dental implants, because of their stability, are suitable for supporting a removable denture to provide a secure and comfortable fit. They are also used in orthodontic procedures as dental mini implants that act as temporary anchorage devices for assisting in the moment of the teeth to the desired position. Mini dental implants are tiny and temporarily fixed to the bone for assistance in anchorage for teeth movement. After they have served their function, they are subsequently removed.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Dental Implants?

People who have lost all their teeth because of decay or gum disease of the upper and lower arch will find dental implants a stable and comfortable prosthesis. They can use the bare minimum implants to improve their appearance. Implants like the all on four can be used to replace all the teeth in a single arch because the implants are strategically placed in areas where the structure of the bone is strong. The all on four provides stable teeth replacement that feels like natural teeth when compared to the older method of traditional removable dentures. You are therefore recommended to contact the dentist in Bayside NY for an evaluation to understand whether implant dentistry is suitable for you to replace single or multiple teeth in your mouth with long-term stability. The restorative approaches from dental implants have a success rate of approximately 98 percent. Therefore despite the higher costs involved, you must consider it as an investment that is beneficial to mimic a natural tooth.

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