Dental Inlays and Onlays in Bayside, NY

What are dental inlays and onlays? When is it possible that your dentist might recommend one of them? It is important to consider fillings and cavities when asking these questions. You might be familiar with either of them. Here is some info that will help you gain a better understanding of what kind of treatment that Aram Cazazian at Bayside Family Dentistry in Bayside, NY might recommend if you are suffering from a cavity.

What is an Inlay?

A dental inlay is a pre-molded filling that can fit into the grooved area of teeth and does not go over the edges of the tooth in question. First, you will be numbed with a local anesthetic, and then the dentist at Bayside Family Dentistry will drill into the tooth to clean out and remove in decay that might be in the tooth. This is one of many restorative methods that can be used to fix a tooth after it is harmed due to decay or injury that will not affect the edges of the tooth.

The doctor will make an impression and then send that impression to a lab at which the inlay will be created. Inlays are created from composite resin or porcelain that will match the shade of the tooth. It will be almost completely invisible restoration and at the same time repairing chewing surfaces. Dental inlays can typically be more reliable than standard fillings that are created from composite or amalgam. Gold inlays are considered to be the most long-lasting and expensive of materials that can be used.

How they Differ from Fillings or Onlays

A dental onlay is a procedure that is done to fix a tooth that has suffered more expensive damage that affects the edge of the tooth or the biting surface. Once again, the dentist will numb the area and drill down into the tooth to remove decay from the cavity. They will place a temporary onlay while the impression is sent to the lab. Once the permanent dental onlay arrives, the dentist will remove the temporary and fit the final onlay in place.