Oral Hygiene in Bayside, NY

Practicing oral hygiene means keeping your mouth clean and it’s is one of the best ways to protect against cavities, periodontists, gingivitis, and numerous other dental problems. It can also help in preventing bad breath.

Having a regular tooth cleaning done by Doctor Aram Cazazian here at Bayside Family Dentistry in Bayside, NY is important to everyone when maintaining tooth and moth help. If your teeth are healthy, they’ll have fewer cavities. They’ll be clean and are home to less or no plaque and tartar. Your gums will be pink and healthy.

Oral hygiene is made up of personal and professional care alike. Dental X-rays are used during a professional exam.

Why You Should See a Dentist

Even if you’re consistent about brushing and flossing, it’s important to have a periodic tooth cleaning at Bayside Family Dentistry to get rid of excess plaque and tartar that might have been missed during your toothbrushing routine. Professional cleaning involves tooth scaling and polishing. They’ll use a variety of instruments and devices to remove deposits. Dentists recommend you get your teeth cleaned at a practice about every six months. Whether or not you’re great at brushing your teeth at home, it’s still necessary to have professional cleanings. They can check out your mouth health as well.

Oral Wellness Connection

It’s becoming clearer as time passes that there is a correlation between oral disease (like dental abscesses or lesions) and chronic diseases involving your cardiovascular system and in people with high-risk situations, such as having heart valve replacement and/or orthopedic implants. The best way to stop oral infection and continue to maintain good oral health is by sticking to your regular appointments with your dentist.

In some cases, the dental infection can be dangerous to orthopedic implants. If this is the case, your doctor might recommend certain antibiotics before dental procedures.

Bayside Family Dentistry has an entire section that is meant for oral health and dental hygiene. The doctor and dental team have a lot of experience as we see patients that come from all sorts of living situations. We are more than comfortable caring for patients who might have higher-risk medical problems.