Play Safe Mouth Guards in Bayside, NY

Sports Guards and Mouth Guards

Sports guards, play safe mouth guards, and mouth protectors are all various names for what is essentially the same product. It is a protector you wear over your teeth. It will protect from injuries that happen to the face and head. They are very important for athletes to wear, especially those involved in sports that include falls, body contact, or flying equipment. Those sports include basketball, soccer, football, baseball, skateboarding, hockey, mountain biking, and gymnastics, really any sport that could involve a blow to the mouth.

These are important pieces of sports equipment, because they generally cover the upper teeth and are made to protect against breaking or chipping teeth, cut lips, or other damage that might affect your mouth. If you have braces or any other dental equipment (like a bridge) on your jaw, Doctor Aram Cazazian of Bayside Family Dentistry in Bayside, NY might recommend a mouth protector for those teeth too.

There are different types of mouth guards. Whichever one you pick, it should be tear-resistant, resilient, and above all, comfortable. You should make sure it fits properly, and it should not restrict breathing or talking.

Stock Mouth Guards

Stock mouth guards are the most affordable option and come ready to wear. They usually don’t fit well though because our mouths are not one-size-fits-all. They might be bulky and can make talking and breathing more difficult.

Boil and Bite

You can buy a boil and bite mouth guard at most sporting good stores, and they can offer a bit fit than a stock mouth guard. They are in a pre-formed shape when you buy them, and you simply boil the mouth guard in water and then bite down in it. This gives it a more customized fit. You should always follow the directions, so you don’t have a poor-fitting mouth guard.


Finally, there are custom-made mouthguards that are created at Bayside Family Dentistry or in a professional lab. They will give the most comfortable fit and offer the most protection. Your dentist will make an impression from your teeth and create the mouth guard based on the model of them. They feel and fit better, but they are the most expensive option.