SureSmile® in Bayside, NY

For the most part, braces can be very uncomfortable and very noticeable. You might be embarrassed by the idea of wearing them. On top of this, they can actually increase the risk of tooth decay because they make proper oral hygiene more difficult. SureSmile will allow for speedier treatment of misaligned teeth. You might be wondering how fast they are and what sets them apart from traditional braces.


Traditionally, if you want to fix your teeth’s alignment at Bayside Family Dentistry, it can take upwards of a couple of years of wearing braces. Thanks to new technology, SureSmile® have a specialized design that will help move teeth into proper alignment far more quickly. In certain cases, SureSmile® will straighten the teeth in as little as twenty weeks. Usually though, they take about a year. This is much quicker than metal braces which usually take around two years and then have 24/7 use of retainers after.

You might be wondering how they do this so quickly. The innovative design of Fast Braces will move the roots and crowns of teeth at the exact same time. This is in direct comparison to traditional braces, which only move the crowns first and then the roots after. This means that Fast Braces work twice as quickly.

Their Differences

Speed is a direct result of the SureSmile® design. Traditional braces will use square brackets that move crowns first and roots afterward. SureSmile® have triangular brackets that will help move the roots at the very beginning of treatment. After the root is in its proper spot, so is the crown.

They also make use of a self-ligating bracket that will adjust automatically as your teeth are moved into position. This gets rid of the necessity of bands and extra wires.

After the teeth are straight, there is minimal need for retainers. You only need to use one for 20 minutes every day. You can do this in the shower or while sleeping. They are more affordable and make dental hygiene easier to handle.

Doctor Aram Cazazian at Bayside Dentistry in Bayside, NY offers you SureSmile® for straightening your smile in half the usual time. Book your appointment online today!