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Supporting One or More False Teeth Is Possible with Dental Implants

Supporting One or More False Teeth Is Possible with Dental Implants

Jan 01, 2020

If you are looking to have one or more false teeth to replace the missing teeth in your mouth a dental implant will be the perfect solution for you. It can replace the tooth root which has failed and is developed from titanium. It is placed into the jawbone just as the tooth root.

Treatments with dental implants are safe and well established. The implants can last for a lifetime if proper care is provided to them. If you are searching for dental implants near you it is suggested that you look for a dentist open on Saturday as well just to ensure he or she can attend to you if you have any problem on a weekend.

Are Dental Implants Suitable for Replacing Missing Teeth?

The condition of the bone in your jaw will determine whether or not dental implants can be used to replace your missing teeth. The dentist in Bayside, NY, will examine your mouth and even recommend some tests to understand whether significant bone exists in your mouth. If the bone is unhealthy or insignificant you may not be a suitable candidate for dental implants.

Does It Hurt When Implants Are Being Placed?

The dental implant procedure is easier than extracting a tooth and is usually conducted under local anesthesia. You are unlikely to feel any pain during the procedure but can certainly expect some discomfort for around a week after the surgery. If you are nervous about the procedure or if your situation is complicated your dentist may provide you sedation to overcome your anxiety. As the procedure for placing the implants is simple general anesthetics are rarely used.

What Happens after the Placement?

After the implants have been inserted into your jaw some time is needed for the jaw to integrate with the implant. It may be around 3 to 6 months until the integration process is completed. In some cases, the implants may be stable at the time of the placement to allow false teeth to be fitted sooner than expected.

If you need multiple teeth replaced having a temporary denture may be viable options. If you are already wearing dentures you can continue wearing them during the healing process. Your dentures may need to be altered after the surgery for a proper fitting. A healing cap may also be placed on the site of the implant for protection.

What Is the Duration of the Treatment?

The dental team of the dentist Bayside, NY, will be able to provide you a rough timeline before the treatment begins.

The possibilities of some false teeth being fitted immediately also exist. You are suggested to check with the dental team whether these are suitable for you. Generally, the false teeth are fitted in approximately 3 to 4 months after the implants are inserted. The treatment time can take longer on certain occasions and your dental team will be able to guide you appropriately on this factor.

Are the Replacement Teeth Difficult to Clean?

You will have no difficulties cleaning the replacement teeth but if you want to have long-lasting and successful implants you should be taking proper care of the placements. You will receive instructions on how to care for your implants from your dental team. Cleaning around the false teeth attached to the implants is no more difficult than cleaning your natural teeth. However, some areas will be difficult to reach but you will receive information on how you can overcome this problem as well. You will need to visit your dental hygienist frequently to make sure you are not susceptible to any problems.

Will Having Implants Prevent the Onset of Gum Disease?

No, if you do not care for the implants and the false teeth properly and visit your dental hygienist regularly for exams and cleanings you will be a candidate for gum disease. The health of your implants can also be affected by smoking and therefore if you are a user it is advised that you care for your implants thoroughly. Many dentists refuse to cater to patients that are smoking with dental implants.

Can Implants Be Had for Every Missing Tooth?

Yes, if you have multiple teeth missing in your mouth you will need implants to support replacements. You will need multiple implants even if the missing teeth were next to each other. Your dentist will be able to provide you proper advice on this subject.

Dental implants are expensive when compared to other options of replacing teeth. However, they are long-lasting and will not need to be maintained frequently as the others. Therefore, if you want the perfect alternative for teeth replacements you should not be thinking beyond dental implants because it is the best option currently available.

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