I love going to this dental office so much, that I switched my son to them as well. They are amazing on many levels. Most importantly – they do an amazing job on teeth. For example, I had two bonding fillings placed on my lower teeth. I look like I got new teeth – the quality of work is incredible. They were done fast, pain-free, the color is perfect and the bonding made teeth look healthy and strong. I had no pain or discomfort and doctor Hahn even called to check on me. Another positive is the thorough cleaning they provide. I love cleaning my teeth there and teeth cleaning results have been consistently good. Every single person in this practice is amazing to deal with.

– WhatsInThePan

Pleasant, personable, professional in every way, and clearly considerate of patient’s needs and concerns. I highly recommend Bayside Family Dentistry. A model dental practice for all such organizations.

– Jay C

This is a really impressive practice with all members of the Team working for our best possible outcomes. So friendly, understanding, and supportive. Highly recommend 👍


Dr. Cazazian is the definitive tooth whisperer! Such a gentle reassuring presence combined with expertise that leaves you completely confident of his care. State-of-the-art equipment (I got a tour!) and the most welcoming and professional support staff. Do not hesitate to address all your oral concerns here.

– Diana Nahim

For someone who doesn’t really like going to the dentist, I am extremely happy with Bayside Family Dentistry. The doctor is friendly, personable and completely puts you at ease. The office staff is wonderful to work with and very helpful and absolutely has your best interest in mind whether your procedure is large or small.

Definitely would recommend Dr. Cazazian to anyone who asks!

– JSciarrillo

Best dentist Dr. Cazazian ~ went to another Korean dentist which had totally screwed up my teeth. Dr. Cazazian took the time step by step to realign my bottom teeth to match up with the top again. Took many visits and meticulous planning ( I needed 4 caps on my bottom back molars to raise my bite to be centered) The end result was fantastic~ If your looking for a dentist look no further.

– Michael Lee

I showed up with this mess and left knowing exactly what needs to be done. Dr. Cazazian provided me with my options factoring cost and time which I was extremely pleased with. I left feeling comfortable and confident. I’ve been a patient for 2 years now and can honestly say I finally have found the practice that is not only top-notch in technology and procedures but has the warmest, caring, friendly, and professional staff that I have ever experienced in my 55 years. I never thought in a million years that I’d look forward to going to see my dentist. His hygienists all seem to be guided by angel hands! The best cleanings ever. If I could give Dr. Cazazian and his entire staff 10 stars it wouldn’t be enough.
Thank you!
Frank Lentini

– Frankieboy19

BEST dentist, not only in Bayside but probably ever! Dr. Cazazian & all of his staff make me feel like a celebrity every time I come in. They also don’t try to sell you on anything which is also really appreciated. Everyone is very helpful & informative.
You should change your dentist & come here. 🙂

– Tatyana Trotman

Phenomenal staff and excellent service. Dr. Cazazian has to be the best dentist I’ve ever gone to. Extremely funny and light-hearted. What I loved most about my visit there was that I was informed of everything that needed to be done and the cost before we began. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone in the area.

– Wynonna Lui

Dr. Cazazian is a highly skilled & talented professional who my family has relied upon for over 20 years. His staff is first-rate, friendly, and caring and his number one associate, Dr. Han, is another wonderful dentist.

– jjsaspo1