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What happens during a teeth cleaning

What happens during a teeth cleaning

Feb 24, 2019

Everyone who is meticulous enough to have a teeth cleaning session planned up on regular intervals has gone through the common drill. That said, most of us are not clearly aware of the exact cleaning procedure.

Although, we can be rest assured that the dentists are very clear with the standard dental cleaning procedure, just knowing the steps in detail can help us be more aware of the entire process’ efficacy.

1. A physical exam
The tooth cleaning process, when initiated by experts such as the ones at Bayside Family Dentistry, usually starts with a physical exam. Under this step, the dentist thoroughly goes through the dental condition of the patient and examines for any irregularities.

2. Removing plaque and tartar
Then, the cleaning begins with washing out the plaque and the tartar. Now, both these ailments are extremely difficult to be removed in a traditional setting with the help of consumer products. In order to remove these remains from your teeth, you will need professional help and that is the entire reason why you are getting your teeth cleaned.

3. Gritty toothpaste cleaning
Once the plaque and tarter are removed from the difficult corners and the tricky ridges as well as spaces between the teeth, the dentist will use a special toothpaste and clean out all the teeth in a grittier manner. The dentist ensures that the enamel on all the teeth is cleaned thoroughly and is not damaged by excessive pressure either.

4. Expert flossing
Once the toothpaste has been washed, the dental expert would use floss and clean out any potential remains between the teeth.

5. Rinsing
Finally, there is thorough rinsing which ensures that all the earlier conducted processes are completed. Rinsing is important because it also ensures that not chemicals or toothpaste used earlier remain within the mouth to cause damage.

6. Applying fluoride treatment
This is where professional service really differentiates from the cleaning you do at home. The dentist gives your teeth a fluoride treatment to ensure they are clean and in their hygienically optimal condition.

Other potential steps
Depending on the condition of the individual’s teeth, there can be some variations in the steps mentioned above. But largely, the process remains more or less the same.

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