What Is Endodontics in Dentistry?

What Is Endodontics in Dentistry?

Oct 05, 2022

A tooth has an inner part known as the dental pulp consisting of nerves and blood vessels. The pulp may get damaged due to tooth decay or trauma, resulting in severe pain and sensitivity. When the pulp has an infection, a special inner tooth procedure known as endodontics is necessary. Read on for more about the treatments by an endodontist dentist near you.

What Does an Endodontist Do?

You should see an endodontist if you are experiencing debilitating tooth pain, sensitivity, or tooth injury. The specialist at cosmetic dentistry in Bayside, NY, is skilled in diagnosing and treating tooth pain. An endodontist focuses on relieving pain and saving the tooth. They also protect the surrounding teeth and gums from more damage.

The expert performs procedures such as root canal treatments and endodontic re-treatment. For example, you may need root canal treatment when severe tooth decay leads to an infection in the tooth pulp. Also, a root canal treatment is done if the pulp is infected after trauma or repeated treatments.

The specialist will determine if you need a root canal first. Then, they will perform x-rays, cold or hot swabs, and tooth tapping. Once the infection is present, they will carry out the root canal procedure. Next, the endodontist will access the tissues inside the tooth via special equipment.

They will then remove all the damaged and or diseased parts. Next, the endodontist will clean and disinfect the tooth to ensure no bacteria remain. Finally, the expert will fill and seal it, then place a dental crown over it for protection and strength.

Endodontic re-treatment is required when a tooth does not heal properly after a root canal. It is also necessary if the treated tooth develops new problems. The endodontist will perform surgery to remove the crown, fill, and retreat the pulp.

This expert also treats complex tooth injuries that affect the dental pulp. They may be called upon to perform emergency dental surgery to extract a damaged tooth. This expert also does specialized surgery known as an apicoectomy. It involves treating the tooth by removing the end or tip of a tooth’s root.

The endodontist at the cosmetic dentistry in Bayside, NY, also carries out the dental implant surgery. This entails replacing missing teeth with titanium posts and dental crowns. The procedure helps restore dental function and improves your appearance.

What to Expect at the Endodontist

A visit to an endodontist dentist near you establishes a foundation for treatment. It involves getting important information about the patient. This includes their oral and medical history, insurance, and referral from the primary dentist.

Once the paperwork is done, you will meet with an assistant to the endodontist. First, they will ask about your dental issues and then take the necessary x-rays for the expert’s review. Next, you will meet with the endodontist, who will ask about your symptoms and review the x-rays. Finally, they will further diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable treatment.

The next step involves beginning the endodontic treatment. First, your endodontist will administer local anesthesia to the tooth and surrounding area. It prevents pain during treatment. Next, they will perform the appropriate procedure to relieve the discomfort and save the tooth.

Finally, you will be told what to expect over the next several days concerning the tooth and gums. For example, you will feel minor discomfort after the treatment. In addition, you find it difficult to chew with the treated tooth.

The experts at cosmetic dentistry in Bayside, NY, will give you post-treatment instructions. These ensure that the area heals properly and fast. Then, you can resume your regular activities following the procedure.

Get Endodontic Treatment Today

Do you have lingering tooth pain, extreme teeth sensitivity, or dental inflammation? Then schedule an appointment at Bayside Family Dentistry for endodontics. Our endodontist has advanced training making them highly skilled in performing endodontic treatments. Our team provides endodontics for patients of all ages, including kids.

We have specialized and advanced technology to eliminate the discomfort and save your natural teeth. The staff also performs complex tooth extractions and dental implant surgery to restore missing teeth. Contact us to book a session if you have an unsuccessful root canal treatment. We will retreat the tooth and give you personalized care for a successful procedure.