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What Is The Most Effective Treatment For TMJ

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For TMJ

Feb 01, 2022

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint responsible for the opening and closing the mouth. A TMJ disorder can cause headaches, neck and jaw pain, and clicking sounds when opening and closing the mouth.

The TMJ is a complex joint in the body. The joint allows smooth jaw movements without pain. Stress, posture, teeth clenching, and other factors can cause TMJ disorder. Without proper treatment, symptoms of TMJ disorder can become chronic. You can get TMJ physical therapy near you if you notice TMJ symptoms.

This article discusses some TMJ treatment methods. Kindly follow-through.

Lifestyle Modifications

Stress and lifestyle factors can cause TMJ disorder. Therefore, lifestyle modifications are an essential treatment for TMJ disorder. In addition, to lifestyle modifications, regular visits to the dentist are necessary for detecting and treating TMJ symptoms early.

Home remedies and lifestyle modifications that can help treat TMJ include using over-the-counter pain killers, doing jaw exercises, eating soft foods, and avoiding wide yawning. Furthermore, it would be best to massage your jaw muscles, practice mindfulness to reduce stress, avoid chewing gum, and relax.

Bite Correction

If home remedies are ineffective, your dentist may advise other TMJ physical therapy near you, including bite correction. Customized dental splints and bite guards can prevent tooth grinding, clenching and properly align the teeth. There are two types of customized dental splints – TMJ mouthguard and bruxism mouthguard. The mouthguards can reduce TMJ pain, and there is minimal side effect.

TMJ mouthguard is suitable for repositioning and stabilizing the jaw. The mouthguard is made from hard plastic, taking pressure off the jaw and reducing TMJ symptoms. On the other hand, Bruxism mouthguard provides cushioning for the jaw, reducing pain from clenching. This mouthguard can be made from hard plastic or soft, pliable material.

Although there are generic bite guards available online, most are unregulated, and they can affect your natural bite. Therefore, getting the best customized dental splints for treating TMJ at Bayside Family Dentistry is essential.


Cosmetic dentistry in Bayside, NY, administer injections to the jaw to provide temporary relief for TMJ symptoms. Getting injections take less than 30 minutes, and the procedure is minimally invasive. The injections contain corticosteroids that can reduce TMJ pain and inflammation.

Botox is another injection dentists use to treat TMJ. Botox is a neurotoxin that paralyzes jaw muscles and prevents clenching for alleviating TMJ symptoms. Although botox has minimal side effects, it can cause a temporarily fixed smile because of its paralyzing effect.

Arthroscopy And Arthrocentesis

Arthroscopy and arthrocentesis are more major TMJ treatments after the above treatments are unsuccessful. The procedures are minimally invasive; however, the recovery time can be up to a week.

A dentist near you uses arthroscopy to diagnose TMJ disorder. The surgeon will insert a small fiber-optic camera in the joint during the procedure to investigate the exact cause of TMJ symptoms.

Arthrocentesis, on the other hand, is for both diagnosis and treatment. The dentist will insert a small needle and syringe into the joint during the procedure to drain out the fluid. The drained fluid can help the dentist diagnose the exact cause of the swelling in the joint.


Surgery for TMJ disorder is extreme and should only be a last resort. During the surgery, a dentist near you can repair, reposition, remove or replace parts of the TMJ. Usually, jaw surgeries require general anesthesia and the recovery time is long. Risks associated with jaw surgery include scarring, loss of jaw movement, or the body rejecting artificial joints.


TMJ is responsible for jaw movement. TMJ disorder can cause excruciating pain, making it difficult to eat, drink, or speak. There are several treatment methods for TMJ disorder, and it is best to try safe and non-invasive options first. If all treatment options fail, cosmetic dentistry in Bayside, NY, provides jaw surgery.

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